Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What is the value of Health?

I would love to hear your story! What is the value of Health?

I hope I am not offending anyone by sharing these true stories.

Two ways of life to consider when pondering the "value of health".

When you get older...

1.) Would you like to be like the woman who hit a hole in one at 90 years old! (click to read about her.)


2.) Do you want to be sitting on your couch at 74, in your sweats, hoping and praying you can get samples of the medications you need to take because you can't afford them. Gave up your hobby because you can't afford it and don't have the energy for it, a hobby you paid a premium for in country club membership fees for years! Being proud of yourself for being able to do 36 minutes on the treadmill four times a week. Worship your Doctor.

Well, I would rather be more like #1!

I am starting work right now to hopefully create a life that enables me to reach 90 in stride, with my clubs on my back, heading out to the tee box! (Don't worry if you don't play golf, she started at 88 years old because it beat going to the gym for exercise!) I am painting the picture of two possible realities. You choose your own path. Of course life can throw a curve ball, anything can happen to anybody at any moment. I get that. We can't live in fear of the what if. How you live today will dictate what tomorrow brings! Live today with an eye on what you are creating for your tomorrow! I am truly not a philosopher ... so here are some real quotes...

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.
Abraham Lincoln

Work as if you were to live a hundred years. Pray as if you were to die tomorrow.
Benjamin Franklin
How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to?
Tony Robbins

The value I am giving my physical, spiritual & financial health is so high, I pray nothing will get in my way of both Mike and I living abundantly and free way past 74! Don't ever give up, you can start today too!

One important thing to consider is; "YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN HEALTH"!
I see my Doctor for my annual (or in Kaiser's world every two years) and for emergencies. Doctors aren't following you around everyday asking you if you worked out and what you ate for dinner! Take charge, we believe in doing your own research if you are diagnosed with something, trying out natural remedies alongside prescriptions. Mike is off of blood pressure medication, so it is possible. He doesn't take Prilosec anymore. I don't have any allergy medication. These are all due to us adding a trusted and clinically proven supplement regime and making other healthy lifestyle choices.  I am on lifetime bloodthinner and hate being dependent on a prescription...I hope I am preventing myself from needing others in the future!

I am here for you. Let me know if I can talk with you about what you would like for your future!

(hint hint . . . my next post is in regards to time!)

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