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Do you have time for a Healthier Lifestyle? YES!

Do you have time for a Healthier Lifestyle? YES!

I am not intending to make anybody's life seem more or less difficult than mine. I am sharing the changes we have made in regards to Healthy Lifestyle choices. If you are living a healthy lifestyle you may learn something new, if you have dreaded the thought and think you are plain too busy, then read on!

I would love to hear your story!

When I contemplated the idea of "Healthy Living", the first thing that came to mind was TIME?!?! Is there time to be healthier? We are flying around at lightening speed half of the time, to stop everything and implement change seemed like a daunting task, I didn't think I was up for. I will admit I had to think about it for a moment (well, days actually). Now, I am not looking back on my decision to incorporate these changes and let the fun begin! Each time we make a new Healthy Life Choice, we are surged with an adrenaline rush or "High" similar to how you feel after going for a run! Living Healthier is Awesome! When you decide to make that leap I congratulate you! (Congratulations if you are already a health nut!)

Basically, it comes down to limiting your exposure to toxins. Which products are exposing you to toxins on a daily basis; non organic foods, household cleaners, air fresheners, shampoo/conditioner, soap, facial cleansers, water and many more. The more toxins you can reduce the healthier you become.
Here's an informative link on toxins

These are some of the the activities we have been involved with over the last seven months while we began implementing these changes, nothing has been sacrificed because of new Healthier Lifestyle choices:

Michael Jr. just turned one, now 17 months old
(naps, diapers, feeding times, playing, baths, food allergy to work around, etc...etc...)

Madelyn 5
(started Kindergarten 12 - 2:25, Soccer 3 times a week, swim lesson once a week, soccer ended and now taekwondo 4-5 times a week, still in swimming, homework, children's museum 1 time per week, snacks galore, etc...etc...)

(help in Madelyn's class every other week and when needed, joining the Catholic Church, RCIA meetings once a week, joined the gym, personal trainer twice a week, all of the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning & bedtime routines, etc...etc...)

Some of the "healthy" life choices we have made to rid the toxins from our lives include:
1.) changing out all of our cleaners (I took everything to the hazardous waste site, at the dump, FREE)
2.) adding a supplement regime for all of us
3.) adding a weight management regime, including protein drinks and snacks
4.) joined the gym (I signed up with a personal trainer), we both are using "sports nutrition"
5.) grocery purchases are now Organic (Organics to You delivers & I shop at New Seasons)
8.) I have a water pitcher that is certified to reduce lead 
6.) became more active in the church
7.) & started a home based business!

I included supplements, weight loss, the church and business to illustrate how healthy life includes your "spiritual" and "financial" health too! Stress is toxic! We all need to think about what we want our future financial sources to be after "retirement". You don't have to "retire" from Shaklee. In fact you can even pass it down to a child, niece, nephew...etc... Every little change helps your mind, body and spirit! Statements I have heard from clients making some of these changes; "I don't cough anymore when I am around items cleaned by "Shaklee's nontoxic laundry detergent", I don't have to hold my breath while I clean my shower", it's nice to drink water that I know doesn't contain lead or other contaminants" and "I've done research on your vitamins and I am glad to see how highly they are rated compared to the ones I have been taking". Again, the changes I am suggesting aren't only about the products I am representing. Although, these products can make the "healthy" change simple and take some load off of your shoulders in many categories where you are trying to shop for the "Healthiest" possible items. 

If you take a look at my schedule above note that there isn't a whole lot of free time to devote to "Change" or a "home business". But I am here to tell you that it can be done! I can help you make it easy! Oh and a Shaklee business can be done during your normal activities. You meet people everyday throughout the day. If you have tried a Shaklee product you will share it with somebody like a good movie or great place to eat!

Do you have time for better Health? YES! 100% YES! Do I make a healthy organic dinner every single night, No! Do we have to order in take out once in a while, Yes! I try to limit it to less than once a week but we do have to do it once in a while. I can be proud of the rest of our Healthful choices, life happens! Even adding one Healthy choice to your regime will make a huge improvement. Choose something and try it out! Let me know what it is, I am here to encourage you!

Leave me a message even if you only have 5 minutes to discuss, You!

To your Great Health!

I would like to add one more thing . . .
Mike had great success using "My Fitness Pal". It's FREE!
My Fitness Pal link
MyFitnessPal is a diet and fitness community built with one purpose in mind: providing you with the tools and support you need to achieve your weight loss goals. It is a Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal. 

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