Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No more excuses, Join me today and transform YOU!

No more excuses, Join me today and transform your life!

I have to remind you that none of the 1 million + Shaklee customers were looking for Shaklee. They are all people just like you; their arms were folded tight, eyes clinched shut, ears plugged BUT for just a moment they peaked with half an eye and listened with one ear. Somebody who cared about them most offered a solution to one of their needs. They tried what was being recommended and whalaa, Shaklee transformed them. Timing is everything. Mike and I took 10 years before we grabbed onto the whole "Shaklee kit and caboodle" but we are so thankful that we did! Our whole family has truly been transformed! Please don't play the "wait and see" game, be open to listen for just a moment. The rest will be your story. . .

I am actively looking for 18 people to join my team!

Our family's health has been transformed by Shaklee over the last year and we feel both privileged and obligated to share this with others!

What would help improve your life: 
  • To Lose Weight 
  • Gain Energy 
  • Earn an Extra Income & Travel
  • Better Overall Health 
  • OR All of the Above 
That's right YOU CAN have it ALL!

You don't have to live close, I can help you wherever you are!

Start dreaming and I will help you put a plan into action to achieve your dreams! 

Is it travel? Watch this video of the Top Achiever's trip to Paris A trip of a lifetime to Paris all expenses paid for by Shaklee!

Are you trying to lose weight? click here Cinch Inch Loss Plan video

Don't wait and see . . . call me today!

503-679-2104 - Jackie Purcell

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