Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meal Deals vs. Shaklee 180

The average American starts a diet 4 times a year! Are you one of those people? Are you looking to get off of the "yoyo" diet cycle and get results using a program that you can follow for life? That's right, no more "YOYO"!

Now are you asking yourself; is this too good to be true & does it cost too much?

I want to answer your questions . . .
"Is it too good to be true?" No, it just works! Click on this link for: Program Details
"Is it too expensive?" No, see a cost comparison. 
Meal                                                                Cost          Calories            Protein (grams)                  Fat (grams)

 Shaklee 180 Smoothee                                $2.84          270–280                       24                            3 (1 serving) 

in 1 cup of nonfat milk  =

Starbucks® Mocha Grande and                        $5.25               790                       11                           37 
blueberry muffin  =
McDonald’s®Big Mac®,medium                    $6.39               920                         29                           48 
fries, diet soda  =
Subway® turkey “diet” sub  &                      $6.19                400                           20                          6.5
Baked Lays® chips, diet soda 

Are you ready to get started on your transformation for life? Shaklee and I promise you results or your money back!
Click to find out more!

Shaklee 180 products are safe, natural and effective! They contain no untested ingredients, no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives!

I can't wait for you to get started today and don't forget to keep us posted on your goals and results!

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