Monday, May 21, 2012

Arsenic found in Organic Brown Rice Syrup

I just listened to the ABC News 3 min. video about Arsenic found in some rice-sweetened organic foods. This can be a scary thing for a mom who has switched to buying organic like myself. Brown Rice Syrup is the sweetener that companies are replacing high fructose corn syrup with.

If you buy bars for you or your kids to snack on it can be especially alarming to find "organic brown rice syrup" as a 1st ingredient; for example in the cliff bar. We even have to be careful of Organic Brown Rice. The suggestion in the video is to rinse brown rice well before using it and boil it in more water than it calls for.

As for snacks, if you want an alternative that will not have arsenic, you can trust Shaklee bars.

****Shaklee's Response *****
 "Organic" is a farming method. While a good place to
start, organic certification does not necessarily ensure compliance with
Shaklee potency or purity standards. Shaklee screens for more than 300
possible contaminants, including PCB's, lead, mercury, and arsenic, that
could be present in any raw material and if it doesn't pass, it is rejected.

ABC News 3 min. Video - Arsenic in Organic Brown Rice

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