Thursday, July 11, 2013


Good Morning!

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The key to life is; YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!

My wish is, for everybody's immune system to be at its peak performance!  

If you are getting colds that keep you from any of your normal daily tasks, then your immune system is not at its peak. If you commit to building your immune system now, I guarantee that you will get through the winter without a cold that keeps you down! 

I haven't had a cold or allergies in 2 years! Mike has only had a few small bugs!
We wouldn't stick with our Shaklee regime if it wasn't providing dramatic results in improving our lives. We know that by sticking with our daily routine of a shake & a vitamin strip that we keep our immune systems at their peak level. If we feel a little cold symptom such as; a scratchy throat or runny nose etc. we have natural remedies** on hand to fight them before they turn into something more debilitating. The key is to have your immune system at its peak before the invader strikes!
**Nutriferon, Defend & Resist, Immunity 1, C, & Zinc.

Have a great weekend!
I hope you have been able to enjoy the Sunshine :-)

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