Friday, August 16, 2013

More Energy, Trim & Fit Body, Healthy ACTIVE aging

Are you like most....? Yearning for:

 *** More Energy

 *** A Trim & Fit Body?

 *** Healthy ACTIVE aging?

Our story:

I can honestly tell you that Mike and I are answering "YES" to all of these questions!

We are saying "YES" these are important and "YES" we are achieving our goals of feeling; more energy, Trim & Fit & Healthy ACTIVE aging!

We spent years & years, lots & lots of money & tons & tons of effort trying to achieve these goals with sadly NO LUCK! I felt like we were spinning our wheels but achieving NOTHING! 

We dropped everything we were doing literally over night. I threw away all of our old vitamins, protein powders and more. We received our box of NEW products and went 100% on the program. We really thought; "what do we have to lose, nothing has worked". We are still "awestruck" at how well the program worked and continue to be amazed at our positive health results after over 2 years! :-)

So, what results am I talking about . . . ?
  • We both lost over 15 lbs.
  • Mike got off of Blood Pressure Medication  
  • My seasonal allergies are gone
  • We haven't needed Antibiotics
  • We rarely get colds & the ones we do get don't get us down
  • I ran 2 Full Marathons in 9 months after years of thinking running 3 miles was brutal
  • Mike is training for his 2nd Half Marathon - would have been impossible before, due to his severe knee & back pain
  • Mike's GI issues are GONE! Before: he was on daily Prilosec, Tumbs, Rolaids & more
  • Our clothes FIT Better! We even got to go clothes shopping for SMALLER clothes!
  • TRIM & FIT? YES!
  • Healthy ACTIVE aging? YES!
Yes, Shaklee was our answer, still is! :-) 

Click here -> for Tasha's Inspiring 180 Story!!! (only 1 minute)

How did we start?
  • I started with the shakes & vitamins for 4 months before taking 1 step of exercise, then I ran into the gym 15+ lbs lighter and with an abundant amount of energy! I began going on 7+ mile runs after only 3 months at the gym!

  • Mike was already in a routine of going to the gym but suffered from horrible indigestion & was taking blood pressure medication. He was thrilled to lose weight and no longer suffer from indigestion as well as getting off of his blood pressure prescription. 

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