Saturday, December 15, 2012


Are you ready to take your shape in a whole new direction?

It's here, it's revolutionary!!! Your health turnaround starts here!

This program has 6 years experience, clinical studies proving it works and thousands of success stories worldwide!

Shaklee has re-launched it's Cinch program with enhancements that will turn you in a 180!

Whatever your health goal is, we have solutions for you!
Join me! 

MY STORY . . .

When I started on my Shaklee 180, I didn't have a "get healthy goal" or a "weight loss goal". I just replaced my breakfast with a shake and replaced my vitamins with the Shaklee brand.
I lost over 15 lbs, went down 2 sizes, gained more energy and began my running career by accident. I was taken back and surprised by my I results. Mike has been as surprised as me at his weight loss and health turnaround. He has had even more severe health issues resolved through changing brands to Shaklee than I have.

My goal is to continue to stay in "half marathon" shape. This means keeping my immune system strong as well as my fitness level.
My goal is important not only for myself but my family. I know that when I'm healthy, I'm a better mom and wife.

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