Saturday, November 10, 2012

5 Health Tips to get you through the Holiday's . . .

     Last year around this time Mike & I made a commitment to the 5 Healthy Changes below: 

     We  hoped that we would get through the Holiday's & "cold & flu" season without ending up on antibiotics because the previous winter all four of us had been on antibiotics. Mike's cold/cough had lasted for 6 months, our son suffered from RSV, bronchiolitis, sinus & double ear infections all at once & Madelyn & I both had sinus infections.

     The plan we followed; boosted our weakened immune systems, increased our energy & helped us reach our healthy weight goals. We made it through the Holiday's & are still going strong!
1.) Boost your Immune system
    • Follow a comprehensive supplementation plan, including extra immune support
2.) Stay Hydrated
3.) Keep up your Healthy Weight management
    • If you aren't currently at your goal weight, research & choose a program that is  right for you. We chose Cinch.
      • Choose one that is tested & proven to get results
      • We found replacing breakfast and lunch with healthy protein smoothies & bars works for us. (We reached and have maintained our healthy weight for over a year.)
4.) Keep Moving, get your Regular Exercise
    • We all know that 30 minutes a day of regular exercise is necessary but we don't always have time for it and especially during the Holiday season.
      • Exercise is easier with improved immune systems, more energy & less weight to lose. 
      • Do what works for you!
        • Is it a class? Have you tried a Personal Trainer? Do you have an exercise buddy?
5.) Be Giving
    • Remember the Spirit of the Holiday's, give from the heart.

We wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!

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