Monday, January 30, 2012

Do you want Clean to Save You Money & Space?

As you have probably figured out by now,
I use and Love Shaklee's Get Clean Line!!! <---- = Link

1st You want to SAVE MONEY, Right?
Shaklee's Dish Detergent only requires you to 
fill your Dishwasher cups 1/2 Full!
(That means you would use 2 and a 1/2 boxes of your Dish Detergent!)

Dispenser & refill.

2nd You want to SAVE SPACE!
Looks great to me!
You will have up to 3 Spray bottles, Dish Detergent and Concentrate.

Concentrate, Spray bottles, clothes, laundry detergent, stain remove & dryer sheets

By the way this small bottle of Laundry Detergent does 64 LOADS!Will save you MONEY & SPACE!
How large is your detergent container that does 64 loads?
Oh, and you get to use a pump!

I am so much happier since I have stopped using
"lid cups" and containers that leave tons of detergent left in the bottom.

Do you experience that problem of not being able to use your detergent to the very last drop?

ONLY 2 SQUIRTS with this Easy Pump!

YES, IT IS FOR "HE" Machines & you only use 2 oz's!!!!
I hope you enjoyed these Money & Space Saving Tips!!!
I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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